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European Travel Tips! Whether it's your 1st trip or your 20th!

This site will be your travel guide providing lots of European Travel Tips to help you through planning and preparing for your travel.

After over 30 years of traveling to Europe, (and lots of other places), I have learned a lot about what can go wrong and what can go right when you travel.

You can't control the weather! You can't control the airlines! Or even your traveling companions!

All you can do is be organized and well prepared . Approach this preparation and your actual travel with a sense of adventure and fun and you'll find that no matter what happens, it will be a great experience!

Passport Information (Visas too)
Passport Information. How to get a passport, Where to go to apply, What forms do you need?, What is a biometric or epassport?

US Customs Regulations
What you need to know about US customs regulations. What happens when you return to the US from Europe? How much duty will you have to pay?

Canadian Passport
Canadian Passport Information. Canadian Passport forms and application process.

Travel Clothes
Discover the best travel clothes for your trip. Men's and Women's pants and shirts, dresses, underwear, jackets and vests.

Travel Packing Tips
Travel packing tips for your trip to Europe. Packing light and packing right.

Accessories for Travel
Information to help you find the right accessories for travel. Electronic, computer, and comfort accessories. Which ones should you take on your trip to Europe.

Travel Money
Plan your travel money. Credit cards, travelers checks, ATMs which should you use?

Places to Stay
How do you find places to stay in Europe? What type of place is best ?

Stay Connected
How do you stay connected when you are traveling in Europe? How connected do you want to be? What should you bring with you? What should you leave at home?

Travel Insurance for Europe
Buying travel insurance for Europe: what you need to know.

Traveling in Europe
Once you arrive in Europe how will you get around? Information on traveling in Europe. Trains, planes, and automobiles. Also public transportation.

Travel Information Europe
Practical travel information Europe provides information on timezones, the metric system, power adapters, tipping, and much more practical help.

What's New at European Travel Tips!
Find out the latest information at European Travel Tips.

Contact Us
Have a question or a comment. Is there a topic you would like to see on European-Travel-Tips.com? Contact Us!

Travel links to help you find accommodations, airline tickets, rail passes, and more.

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